Work Trial 

First Impression Work Trial

What is a Work Trial?

A work trial is a part of the recruitment process that often comes in towards the very end. If a candidate has succeeded at both the application and interview stages, with all background checks coming back positively, the employer may want to further test the candidate’s suitability for the job for an unpaid period

This provides both employee and employer the ability to see if they're a good fit for each other in a controlled environment. 

The Legalities of Work Trials: 

Of course, when telling a candidate, they will be engaging in a work trial, the recruiter/employer needs to be upfront with them in regards to 

  • How long will the trial period last? 
  • The fact that the work will be unpaid 
  • The responsibilities they will be expected to take on 
  • What they can expect to happen at the end of it depending on their performance 

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