Employee Referral 


What is an Employee Referral?  

The employee referral scheme is an age-old hiring strategy that is used by many HR & Recruitment departments to attract applications from their current employees social network. 

Most companies have a process in place for employees to recommend relevant professionals to apply or submit their CV. 

Candidates that have been recommended by a current employee are typically of a high calibre as the current employee will have assessed and considered their suitability prior to referral. 

such is it's value many companies offer a reward scheme for successful employee referrals. According to job board Career Builder 82% of employers rated employee referrals above all other sources for generating the best ROI. 


Why Use Employee Referrals? 

There are several benefits to using employee referrals as part of the recruitment process, including:  

  • The existing employees will already be familiar with the inner workings of the business and will thus have the best ideas as to how to promote it to new candidates. 
  • Using an existing employee network is more cost-effective than other hiring processes such as sending out a job advert that covers a lot of ground rather than focusing on a key area where you know there will be available candidates based on the intelligence you have gathered from your employees. 
  • Research has proven that referred hires are more likely to stick around than traditional hires. According to a study by Jobvite, 46% of referred hires stuck around a year after their contract started, compared to 33% of people hired through career sites and 22% hired by job boards.



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