Automated Email


What is an Automated Email? 

An automated email is an email format utilised as a part of recruitment marketing, mainly with contact needs to be established with a wide pool of candidates, cutting down drastically on time during the recruitment process, unless recruiters fancy the one by one approach to responding(!) They might be used during a part of the recruitment process, shifting applicants onto the next stage or letting them down gently. In any case, the automated email will likely be dispatched due to triggers associated with these processes, such as keywords or notifications. 

You may also be using it as part of a marketing campaign, linked with rich thematic content to help drive sales. 

When Should I Use Automated Emails? 

Now here is the challenging bit; you may want to send out automated emails every time you want to offload a plethora of candidates or be the bearer of bad news. So, let’s get the unpleasantries out of the way and focus on candidate dismissal. Typically, the longer a candidate gets through the process, the more they invest in it, both online and emotionally, which means the disappointment they will feel if they don’t make the cut will be fairly high if they make it to the penultimate stage. Which means that if they go through all that effort just to get an automated response sent off with a flick of the hand. If they have taken the time to get them this far, then you owe it to the candidate to at least add some personal touches, perhaps a comment on their performance or an acknowledgement of their background, so that at least they won’t walk away feeling like you see them as a faceless drone. 

Automated emails are a great tool, but the success of their deployment is dependent on how you consider the person at the end of that message. 

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