Recruitment Team

recruitment team

What is a Recruitment Team?

A recruitment team is two or more people who work together to hire for open or upcoming vacancies within an organisation. To achieve their goal recruitment teams may use in-house recruitment methods such as job board posting and/or social media recruiting. They may also seek external professional help in the form of a recruitment agency. 

What makes a recruitment team successful? 

  • The ability to define hiring needs that are specific to the upcoming vacancy. What does the ideal candidate looks like? Having a clear idea of what you're looking for ensures everyone is on the same page. 
  • The ability to learn and adapt recruitment efforts based on past experiences and performances.
  • The ability to incorporate your company culture into your recruitment process. From the initial advertisement to each step of the recruitment process should show your companies personality. 

Tools to help Recruitment Teams succeed

  • Internal Communication tools (link to blog) - recruitment teams can often be busy speaking to hiring managers and meeting candidates, work inboxes are often cluttered and can result in missed messages. Use an internal communication tool to keep all communication in one location.  
  • Social Media tools - Recruitment marketing is hugely popular and with millions of people across the UK actively checking their social media accounts daily its easy to see why. Using a social tool can save you hours of time manually posting to the various social channels.
  • Candidate Management Tools - An Applicant Tracking System can save hours of times by allowing users to automate communication and screen candidates with ease. A good ATS will also allow you to multi-post vacancy to a number of sources and report recruitment performance allowing users to make informed decisions on how to improve the recruitment process performance. 


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