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What Is A Career Site? 

A careers site is a section of a company website that focuses specifically on the recruitment side of the company, acting as a storage point for all of the company’s vacancies. The best Careers Sites go beyond simply listing the vacancies and are surrounded by a plethora of features that further bait the hook. You will gain a lot more online visibility if your career site goes beyond displaying vacancies, taking advantages of the various forms of media. 

If you want to possess a stellar career site, then you need to include:  

  • A clear descriptions of the job advert. Don’t drown them in sector specific-terminology. 
  • An outline of the company’s values and how they are put into practice. 
  • Video testimonials from long-standing employees. Employees are often swayed on how good a company if they have heard it from someone who has been through the same process and thrived as a result. 
  • A lot of job hunts are carried out on mobile. So, you need to make sure that your website is optimized and accessible in a mobile format. 
  • Paint a picture of not just a job, but a career with your company. You want to commit them to commit to the long run.

Reasons to have a Career Site:

  • Ability to showcase your employer brand
  • Boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and attract more website visitors. 
  • House shareable content.
  • Make the application process simple and accessible to passive candidates. 

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