Company Culture  

company culture 

What is company culture? 

In a nutshell company culture is a companies personality. The company culture is portrayed internally and externally through work place environment, missions, values, ethics, employer branding and a companies career site. 

Some companies have a team based culture where employees on all levels collaborate where as other have more structured traditional management styles. 


What is a company culture fit?

Culture fit refers to how well a new hire or applicant can integrate into a company culture. Company culture is defined through a number of factors including, but not limited to:  

  • Values - A company is at its most successful in spreading its message when it employs people who embody those same values. Sure, you could probably preach your values and drill them into the applicant’s head, but when it comes to making good business based on those values, they need to believe that rather than take the role of an actor being fed lines from a script. Clients and customers value authenticity in a client. 
  • Prospects – You may get some candidates who see a role with your company as a foundation for them to build on, committing to you for years on end, or they may see it as a stepping stone and have plans to depart after a year. Based on the model of your business, it would help if you considered how the candidates may attain their career trajectory via you. 
  • Team-Integration – If your company has employees that tend to work by themselves in isolation (and may even be more productive because of this), you may be OK if you get an applicant who fancies themselves as a lone wolf. But if your company is dependent on your team being able to come together and bounce ideas off each other, then the lone-wolf approach isn’t going to click. 


Culture Fit related questions to ask in an interview:  

What gets you excited about coming to work? 

What kind of hobbies do you have outside of work? 

What kind of benefits do you look for in a job? 

What is your idea of a good team-building exercise? 

How do you see yourself developing with us?


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