Recruitment Screening Questions  



What is a Screening Question? 

A screening question is a question often placed at the beginning of an application in the form of a survey. Pre-screening questions are used to quickly ascertain a candidate’s suitability for a vacancy. Essentially, a ‘make or break’ question that determines whether the candidate will go any further in the process. 

These forms are typically built within the Applicant Tracking System and distributed alongside your vacancies onto job boards and other advertising sources

To successfully complete their application a candidate will be required to answer said questions. The ATS will then parse those who have passed and failed to reveal a shortlist of the most suitable applicants. This handy ATS feature automates a large proportion of candidate sifting and allows users to concentrate their time on the most suitable applicants. 

A good ATS will also automate candidate communicate to inform candidates who have passed the pre-screening stage and also send a polite decline to protect your employer brand if they didn't pass the initial screening process. 

Popular Candidate Screening Questions: 

  • Do you have the right to work in the UK?
  • Would you be happy to undertake an advanced DBS check?
  • Do you hold a valid driving license?
  • For insurance purposes are you aged 25 years or over?

If the survey is placed within an applicant tracking system, the automated process becomes more streamlined and you can focus your energies on the more qualified talent pool.  


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